Corporate Ethics

  • Our motto is integrity.
  • Our strength is transparency.
  • Our style is accountability.
  • Our goal is excellence with good governance.

Strategic Goals

  • To set-up new power plants by use of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.
  • To undertake and implement any new power plant project as per national development planning.
  • To develop alternative / renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.).
  • To have base-loaded new power generation on a least cost expansion plan.
  • To assist the power sector to make it economically and financially viable and self-reliant to facilitate the total growth of the country.
  • To increase the sector’s efficiency and make the sector commercially viable.
  • To harness public-private partnership to mobilize finance.
  • To develop database on the existing system.
  • To build long-term human capital and mutual trust.
  • To develop new mindset for all of employees congruent with the corporate culture.
  • To set-up a new benchmark in standards of corporate culture and good governance through the pursuit of operational and financial excellence denoting responsible citizenship and establishing profitable growth.

Core Objective

  • Business portfolio growth.
  • Customer focus.
  • Performance leadership.
  • Human Resource Development.
  • Financial soundness.
  • Sustainable power development.
  • Research and Development.