Updated: Up to July, 2017

SL Name of the Project Fuel Capacity
Expected COD Status
1 Rupsha 800 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project LNG/HSD 800 Dec, 2019 (1st Unit)
Sep,2020 (2nd Unit)
  • ADB has confirmed financing of the project and issued permission for Advance Procurement.

  • Feasibility Study, EIA and Resettlement Action Plan are completed and reports have already been sent to ADB.

  • Appointment procedure of Engineering Consultancy Firm and EPC Contractor is under process.

  • PQ applications have been received for selection of EPC Contractor of the power plant. Evaluation of PQ applications is in progress.

2 Madhumati 100 MW HFO Based Power Plant Project HFO 100 March, 2018
  • Administrative order for 16 acre Land at Mollahat, has been received from Power Division.

  • Feasibility Study is going on.

3 Faridpur 100 MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant Project Solar 100 December 2020
  • Land Acquisition Proposal is under process of approval at Ministry of Land
  • Consultant has been appointment for conducting IEE, EIA and Feasibility Study
  • DPP preparation is going on.
4 Payra 1320 MW (2×660) Thermal Power Plant Project (2nd Phase) under BCPCL (JVC of NWPGCL & CMC) Imported Coal 1320 December,2020 (1st Unit)
December, 2021 (2nd Unit)
  • Land Acquisition and Land Development Work have been completed

  • Feasibility Study is being done by Chinese Consultant which has to be vetted by the enlisted Consultant of China Exim Bank.

5 Payra 50 MW Wind Power Plant Project under BCPCL (JVC of NWPGCL & CMC) Wind 50 June, 2019
  • Appointment of Consultant for conducting Feasibility Study is under process

6 Sirajganj 12 MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant Project Solar 12 December, 2019
  • Letter submitted to Ministry for Administrative Approval

7 Pabna 60 MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant Project Solar 60 December, 2019
  • Land Acquisition is under processing

8 Payra 100 MW Solar Power Plant Project under BCPCL (JVC of NWPGCL & CMC) Solar 100 June, 2022
  • Land Acquisition works has been completed

9 Payra 1500 MW LNG-to-Power Project LNG 1500 June, 2023
  • Under Planning.

10 Bheramara 400 MW CCPP (2nd Phase) Natural Gas/HSD 400 June, 2026
  • Under Planning.

11 Dighipara 1000 MW Ultra Super Critical Thermal Power Plant Project Domestic Coal 1000 June, 2027
  • Under Planning.

Total 5442

As per the Bangladesh Power System Master Plan-2010 prepared by Power Division, the Company will incept more coal-fired power plant projects by using Eco-friendly and ultra super-critical technology in the near future. The Company will also implement LNG and Renewable Energy based power plants of different size, model and capacity.