Emergency Prepareness Plan


  • Foreword
    To establish a systematic plan for effective management of an accident/incident situation and to minimize environmental impacts and losses to people & property. View Details

  • Emergency Control Organization
    Central Control Room is the Emergency Control Centre, equipped with Personal Protective Equipments, company's maps, and other details like fire pump room, dispensary, water reservoir, water line and hydrant points, Siren, Emergency phone no. etc View Details

  • Hazards and Fire Fighting
    A complete network of fire fighting equipments like extinguishers, hydrant network & accessories have been installed within the factory premises. The Type & Number of equipments and their locations within the premises are given in the format below. View Details

  • Communication
    In case of emergency, the main / incident controller shall declare emergency. The evacuation, head count and other necessary arrangements will be performed under the guidance of Incident Controller. Alarm (sirens) will be raised by the Security personnel after receiving instructions from main / incident controller. View Details

  • Preventive Support
    Regular training is given to employees about various potential emergency situations and their roles & responsibilities during any such scenario. View Details

  • Medical Emergency Plan
    First-aid is the immediate care given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness before the arrival of a qualified expert. The purpose of First-aid is to preserve life, assist recovery, prevent aggravation and minimize complications at a later date with the help of such material as may be available. View Details

  • Earthquake,Terrorist,Bomb Threat Response Plan
    Take cover under a desk, table, or other large and stable piece of furniture. Hold on to it. Or, stand in a doorway and brace yourself. View Details

Hazard Identification,Risk Assessment & Office Activity


Ergonomica & Safety Brief


  • Ergonomics
    Study of how people physically interact with their work – fitting the job, the equipment and the work environment to the worker. View Details
  • Visitor Guide
    General Safety Guidelines for visitors. View Details

Eye Exercises
Lift Stretching


Stretching Exercises At Workplace