The Company, with a very limited manpower and scope of opportunities, has implemented two power plants, namely- Sirajganj 225 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (1st Unit-150 MW + 75 MW) and Khulna 225 MW Power Plant (150 MW+ 80 MW). The condition of power system of the localities has been enhanced by using the electricity generated from these power plants. These plants play a prolific role in socio-economic development and economic emancipation of the localities

SL Name of the Project Type of Fuel Commencement of Generation of Electricity Generation Capacity (in MW)
1 Sirajganj 225 MW Combined Cycle (Dual Fuel-1st Unit)Power Plant Natural Gas-for Simple Cycle
Flue Gas-for Combined Cycle (No additional fuel)
Simple Cycle : 22-12-2012
Combined Cycle: 14-07-2014
2 Khulna 225 MW Combined Cycle (Dual Fuel)Power Plant HSD / Natural Gas Simple Cycle :23-09-2013
Combined Cycle: 25-06-2016
3 Bheramara CCPP (360 MW)Development Project(Simple Cycle) Natural Gas/HSD Simple Cycle:09-05-2017
Combined Cycle:under implementation
Total 722

Sirajganj 225 MW Combined Cycle (Dual Fuel-1st Unit) Power Plant

Sirajganj Power Plant

Khulna 225 MW Combined Cycle (Dual Fuel) Power Plant

Khulna Power Plant

Bheramara CCPP (360 MW) Development Project (Simple Cycle)

Bheramara Power Plant